Aries Horoscope – December 2008 Astrology Forecast

Aries Sign General Details, Mesha Sign:

Sign Lord: Mars

Astrology Element: Fire

Astrology Direction: East

Astrology Sign Sex: Male

Astrology Favorable Gemstone: Red Coral

Astrologically Favorable Color: Red

Astrologically Good Days: Tuesday, Sunday

Astrology Recommends Fasting: Tuesday

Numerology Favorable Number: 9

Numerology Favorable Dates in a Month: 9th, 18th and 27th

Astrologically Friendly Signs: Leo, Libra, Sagittarius

Astrologically Inimical Signs: Gemini, Virgo

Aries Sign horoscope Astrology Forecast / Mesha Sign horoscope Astrology Predictions for 2010:

The forecast and predictions for the Aries natives is based on the Moon Sign and vedic astrology. Please check out your moon sign in the vedic horoscope and not the Sun Sign for these predictions.

The predictions and forecast for the year 2010 for Aries natives based on vedic astrology horoscope are as follows:

In general the year 2010 is going to be good for the Aries Sign Natives, the two major planets Saturn and Jupiter are favorable for most part of this year, Saturn transiting over the sixth sign from moon and Jupiter Transiting over the 11th from Moon. Mars is debilitated in Cancer Sign in the fourth house.

The planetary positions in the vedic horoscope are favorable to the Aries natives for the year 2010.

This year you will see good news flowing through all directions, your activities and works which were stuck in the previous years will get through this year.

You would have good income sources and happiness from all aspects. You will benefit from landed property and vehicles in the year 2010.

There will be good avenues for income in the month of January. Finances, this year would be good for finances and income, if you have taken loans, you may be able to repay them partly owing to increase in income in the current year.

There is a possibility of additional responsibilities and promotion at job, workplace. Before July you can open new business or work and it would be beneficial.

As Mars the Ascendant Lord is debilitated in the fourth house for the beginning of the year, you can expect expenditures related to Land and Property, Vehicles, you are advised to drive carefully.

As Mars gets into retrograde motion, the property and other matters which may be pending from past will get cleared fast.

There will be benefit and gains related to your children, if you have children of marriageable age there are chances of their getting engaged or married in this year.

February may bring some amount of mental tensions and unhappiness, March appears to be neutral.

April and May would bring good news and results from children.

July, August you need to be careful while driving vehicles or while traveling in one.

July to November, you need to be careful about monetary dealings, September and October will bring increase in expenditure and problems related to finances.

Also this period may involve long visits and expenses on pilgrimage and or charities. There is a possibility of the family going for a pilgrimage. 8888 meaning

December would bring hidden enemies and problems to the front, you will be under tension during the month of December owing to the above.

You may face tensions due to hidden enemies; you should keep a watch out for dealings with people who are friends from outside but jealous within.

Relationships with your spouse will remain good for most part of the year, there would be happiness on account of your relationship with your spouse.

In case you are of marriageable age, there are bright chances of fructification of marriage in this year.

Relationship with Children, there would be happiness on account of children, you would be blessed with children, and there will be all round happiness on account of children.

Love relationships, if you are keeping your affairs secret, this year will bring out the relationship into the open.

Parents, there could be tensions because of ill health to the parents during the year.

You may suffer from Minor ailments during the year; Saturn in the sixth house should ensure that you come out from any ailments.

Your enemies and foes will face defeat, and you will win them over during the current year.


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