Marines Corps- Reasons to Join (Part 1)


In this article, the first of two articles in the same series, I want to briefly touch upon some of the most important reasons to join the Marines Corps. There are six official reasons to join the Marines Corps but Marines are such special citizens that each reason in turn leads to many other reasons. This article will examine the first three reasons to join the Marines Corps; destined to serve, the ultimate challenge and an opportunity to succeed.

1. Marines are…Destined to Serve

Listed below are the most important elements of this reason.

A. Always Faithful– This is the strong principle of loyalty that all Marines have to their colleagues and their beloved country. It makes Marines that extra bit special.

B. Battle of Iwo Jima– The battle in Japan in the Second World War in which the Marines succeeded against all the odds. It demonstrated the lengths that members of the Marine Corps will go to in order to serve.

C. Values & Ethics– Marines uphold the following key values in combat and in their lives; honour,courage and commitment.

D. Enlisted Eligibility– Any Marine has to stay in the Corps for a minimum length of service- knowing this beforehand makes for a Marine who is more prepared to serve. Men and women between the ages of 17- 29 can apply to become Marines. mccoy marine 50

E. Community Involvement– The Marines Corps play an active role in their local communities: most notably the Toys for Tots campaign.

2. The Ultimate Challenge

Listed below are the most important elements of this reason.

A. 12 Weeks– This is Bootcamp. 12 weeks of very intense training and exercises. If you pass it you will become a Marine.

B. M249 Saw– This is one of the main guns used by the Marines Corps. It is accurate up to 1000 metres and it can be mounted on vehicles.

C. 4 man fire team– Since World War 2, four man fire teams have shown how small groups of Marines can have are devasting power.

D. Travel– A Marine’s opportunity to travel is almost limitless because of the world wide locations that US troops are deployed in.

E. Operation Iraqi Freedom– The Marines Corp played a very important part in toppling Sadam Hussein’s regime and capturing Baghdad.

3. An Opportunity to Succeed

Listed below are the most important elements of this reason.

A. The Crucible– The final test for recruits. It comes at the end of the 12 week Bootcamp. It is a 54 hour exercise that provides Marine recruits the opportunity to demonstrate everything they have learned within a very realistic combat setting.

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