Realme C25S – A Smartphone With Great Features


Coming with the latest speed and functionality, buy Realme C25S online, that comes loaded with many new features. The Realme C25S has been designed with high tech material and high end technology. It is now available in beautiful colors and is now crafted with ultra modern shape for optimal grip providing a contemporary look to your cell phone. It also supports micro and Dual SIM. realme c25s

One of the best things about the Realme C25S is that it gives a unique blend of function with style. It comes with a smooth high definition screen, smooth and shining keys and a stunning dual tone ringtone. This phone also features a large LCD display giving you clear pictures, and a spacious notification tray with a very powerful backlight. This phone is also complimented with a very large battery capacity of 6300 mah, which is one of the best you can find in this particular brand. It offers users a huge 60 minute talk time and offers a high definition camera with high resolution recording feature, and a complete connectivity suite including GPS, Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE.

When talking about the cameras, the Realme C25S comes with both optical as well as digital zoom. It comes with a neat and compact rectangular shape and has a nice dual tone ringtone. For the connectivity features, it comes along with a standard usb cable and an HDMI connector, which lets you connect the phone with your television and other external devices easily. Apart from this, the Realme C25S also provides users a total of eight memory cards which can be expanded with an additional two sim cards each for a total of twelve. It also comes with a built in battery, which offers users seventy-five minutes of talk time, and offers them a large selection of features like digital voice, date/time stamping, and vibrate alerts.

Now let us move on to the specifications of the Realme C25S which have a whole lot of similarity with its siblings in the Realme range. However, it does have some extra options in terms of connectivity, including a high definition camera with infrared flash and an amazing picture quality. Other added features include the Realme C25S instant messenger, a radio, a QWERTY keyboard, a dual tone alarm clock, a micro USB port for charging, and a front panel swipe keypad. The realme c25s also offers a whole lot of storage capacity with a large SIM card tray, a built in memory card, and a boot slot for installation. In addition to all these, it also has a high definition camera, a high definition video camera, a digital camera, and a micro SD card which can be used for media storage.

The camera setup in this smartphone is quite impressive in terms of ease of use. With a simple push of the dedicated physical button on the smartphone, the dedicated camera icon is installed and ready to take the picture. Even though the camera has very few functions compared to other devices in its category, the fact that it is easy to use makes up for it in many ways. Users are able to navigate through the interface quite easily and find what they need quite quickly. This convenience extends to the user interface, with Realme C25S allowing you to enjoy its unique features as you use it.

In terms of software support, Realme C25S supports Windows Phone OS 3.5. It runs on the ARM architecture and has been designed using high-performance hardware. The realme c25s price is slightly higher than other smartphones in its class but it also comes with a larger memory card and additional features including infrared flash, digital voice, and a 3D touch screen. Users can look forward to a large number of downloads since the device comes with a large database of downloadable apps. There are also a variety of software programs available for download that include messaging apps like Facebook and Skype, as well as a music player and visual browser.

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